3/31/16- What's up soldiers! It's been a great start to the New Year! Along with awesome Riot event, we  had an awesome time in Louisville KY with our good friends Chuck and Kristie Salvo! There were lots of decisions for Christ and God moved in every service! We also had a great time in Morrilton this past weekend as we teamed up with Pastor Joe Alzate! Great shows coming up in Leslie, White Hall, Harrison and more! Thanks for your support and God bless you!


2/27/16- Hey what's up everybody! Just wanted to give you guys an update since it's been a minute! We are starting to book shows up through Summer 2016 and so thankful for this so check out our calendar for details. We had an awesome time at RIOT this past weekend, and 21 young people gave their hearts to Christ! We are excited about all that is going on this year and we thank you for your prayers and support! God bless!

7/28/15- What's up everybody! It's been a minute but God is good and we are excited about the future! We got shows being booked up through Oct now and we are so thankful for all that God is doing! We had a great Summer of shows and God has blessed everyone of them! We are slowly working on new music as time allows and Blaze and Bryce are both doing great! Feel free to message us if you have any questions, and as always thanks for your prayers and support of Rapid Fire Ministries. God bless!


1/11/2015- What's up everybody it's 2015! Sorry it's been a while since we have updated the site. First of all, we are in our brand new house and we love it! We are getting opportunities to minister through March, and we are excited about the future. Thanks for all of your prayers and support of our ministry; God bless you all!



4/3/14- Wow I can't even begin to tell you what the Lord has been doing! First of all, we just got a great review from Cross Rhythm's UK of our God of this City CD! Read the review here www.crossrhythms.co.uk/products/Rapid_Fire/God_Of_This_City/145206/  Also, we were on KATV Channel 7 Good Morning Arkansas recently and had a great time! We got to share 3 songs and do an interview and it was something we will never forget!  We also were a part of Young Nation Truth Tour in Little Rock last Friday; that was an awesome event, and we look forward to working with them again soon!  Finally, I got to go and compete on American Ninja Warrior in Dallas and I can't tell you how awesome that was! I got to do an interview, photo shoot, video shoot, and met a lot of great people! I ran the course, and didn't do as well as I would have liked, but regardless of that, God had a plan. The producers of the show are coming Tuesday to Clinton to film me so we can share our ministry and story with the audience of NBC on Prime Time! We are so thankful for this opportunity and pray God moves mightily in this situation! We have awesome events coming up in White Hall, Wonderview, Bee Branch, and Center Ridge so check our calendar for details. Thanks for your support and your prayers of our ministry and may God bless you!



1/14/2014- What's up everybody! Things are going great right now! Our new church build is nearing completion and looking great, and our new house build is underway! Blaze's album Firestarter is underway, and we have released a few new songs such as See You At The Pole, 32 Bars of Fire, and Arkansas. We have several shows coming up including RIOT rally at Center Ridge, Wonderview, White Hall, Calico Rock, and Bee Branch. We appreciate all the support and continue to check back here for new updates from Rapid Fire. God bless! 


12/14/13- What's up everybody! We are about to start the house build soon! We are also working on an album for Blazed called "Firestarter" that should be coming soon!  Below is the album cover to check out and it's designed by Truthseekah! Stay tuned b/c we have a lot of things to share in the coming weeks! God bless!

10/25-13- Thanks for visiting the new site! We are excited to share all of the exciting things that are going on with Rapid Fire. We are about to start building our new home, and can't wait to get started.  The Church build is coming along fast, and I believe we will start having services in our Fellowship Hall within a few weeks! As far as Rapid Fire goes, we hope to start booking shows for next year soon, and we have been invited into another prison to minister so we are thankful for that. We are hearing great things about what the Lord is doing with Mandy's cds and with our new CD "God of this City" so praise God for that! We have also released 2 new theme songs (Yellville Summit Lady Panthers Basketball) and (Norfork Panthers Basketball) and we have more theme songs in the works. If you need a theme song, please visit our theme songs page on this site. As always, we thank you for your prayers and support of RFM! God bless!


The new album from Rapid Fire is here! The album is sold at Gospel Concepts at 1010 Oak St in Conway, AR or you can visit our Store to purchase your copy!